What is the MAGNIFICENT?  It’s the story of magnificence in Life, God and Music.  It’s magnificence out of tragedy.  A collection of songs that tell the stories of incarcerated youth that Proxy has been serving over the past 5 years.  It’s the process of sovereignty and a realistic look at how God can bring all elements together to make our lives a beautiful work of art.  Lyrics that describe rough edges, sharp contrasts and emptiness, finally making sense in the big picture.  It’s a new classic!  Live drums, strings, bass, percussions, harp, and more!  Blended musical styles including Hip Hop, Classical, Soul, Flamenco, Rock and more!  Featuring production by S1 – Symbolyc One (Jay Z, Kanye West, Beyonce), Humble Beast artists Propaganda and Braille, Ahmad Jones and many others!

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